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Sunday, January 24, 2010


That's what Keith calls scrapbooking! And that terminology kinda fit the day yesterday! Me, Beth, Michelle and Jen all went to a crop that was held at Stars & Strikes! Sounds like fun, huh??

The day started out like normal...everyone busy working on cute little projects.

We took a break for lunch and met Jackie at Gabriel's.....yum-my!
Beth even completed a project!
Once we got back to the crop is when the "crapbooking" came into play. First, Jennifer was taking a picture (for me) and her whole purse dumped out.
Next, Michelle...tripped and fell down....right on her knee. Which soon started swelling up and had to be iced for the remainder of the night. Here she is popping something for pain. (She has lost 22 pounds...isn't she looking skinny??)
Well, about the time we settle back down after that....Jennifer realized that she couldn't find her BRAND NEW Ipod that she just got for Christmas! So she went to check where her purse dumped and didn't find it but did find some make up that had rolled under a game. Here she is searching for it.She was so worried about it being gone that she couldn't really concentrate the rest of the evening so she finally just packed up and went home.

All in all, the day ended on a good note. Michelle's knee started feeling better. And when Jennifer got home she called to let us know that her Ipod had not been in her purse after all...but was in her gym bag at home! Yay!

I ♥ crapbooking!!!


mmullenix said...

Ha! I <3 crapbooking, too. But I <3 my MAG girls more ;)

Laura said...

Darn! Wish I had been there. LOL! Hope everyone is doing better today.

Mandy Grant said...

Janell, I loved seeing the recap and I am so relived that Michelle's knee is better. I enjoyed getting to know you all a little. Hope to see you again soon!