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Thursday, January 14, 2010


What goes in.....must come out!! My motto for the day. It all started yesterday afternoon when Drew told me he put paper in his ear. I kinda blew him off at first but then when he told me again, I realized he meant he put paper in his ear and it was still there! I grabbed a flashlight and peeked in his ear and sure enough....there it was! I got some tweezers and attempted to get it on my own to no avail. So I called the doctors office (it was 5 minutes til 5 at this point)....and made him an appointment for 11 am this morning.
Off we go this morning and Dr. Flowers tried for several minutes to get it with no luck. So he sent us to an ENT in Austell. After waiting for almost 2 hours in the waiting room, we finally got in to see the Dr. Within 5 minutes 7-8 big wads of paper came out of his ear! Ugggghhh!
Drew being silly when I asked him if he was scared!

Addi being a little trooper. She was so good considering I had no more bottles after about 1:00.
Drew checking out the equipment!
This was the look I got from the Dr. when I asked him if I could take pictures. He laughed and said "Let me fix my hair".
The "procedure" OUCH!
A few minutes later eating a DUM DUM.....which I told him fit the situation very well!

On the way home, I asked him what in the world possessed him to put paper in his ear. He said it was a "GOOD WORK" sticker that he had found on the gym floor (yuck). So I asked him if he had just torn it into little pieces and put it in his ear? He said....."No, I chewed on it first" (double yuck)!!!!


Kelly Hansen said...

OMG! Glad to hear everything came out ok. Of course I had to show Joshua & Alexis this. I told them I hope this never happens to them. Crossing my fingers on this one.

marlenejackso said...

Oh well - you can't say you've had a boring day. Glad it all (finally) worked out OK. BTW that Addi is just beautiful.

Jess said...

Drew, what is up with you chewing on everything?

Lisa said...

Several years ago, we had to take Thomas to urgent care on a Sunday because he stuck a bead in his ear. BOYS!!!!!

Lisa Murphy said...

Funniest story ever!