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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project 365.....Com-plete!

I am sooo happy! I actually completed a project I started out thinking that I would probably never complete. I took a picture every single day in 2009.......365 of them. Well, there were a few days here and there where I fudged it, but overall.......I kept it pretty accurate! Here is a quick look back at 2009! To see the whole year, just click here!

We celebrated some big family moments:
(Some bigger than others! LOL!) Lots of Birthdays:
Big moments in History: Some not so great times:
Holidays Galore: Tons of Smiles: And even a few tears: Spent lots of times with friends.....
And new:
Can't forget the everyday moments:

But mostly, we just had FUN!

Now I have to get cracking on this new little bundle of joy that Jackie got me for Christmas! Yippee!


mmullenix said...

Oh yeah - just rub it in ;)

No seriously, I am proud of you b/c you my friend have had one doozie of a year, and still have kept it up!

Dalayney's Doodles said...

I love your year end review! And your endtables look just like mine. LOL... filled with hotwheels. :)

monica said...

Very cute, thanks for sharing. I have a friend doing it this year. I should have too, is it too late to make it up? I've taken a few ;)

Janell said...

no monica, not at all. even if you don;t have the kit yet...just start taking your pics and catch up when you get it. you can fudge the last few days.

JackieD said...

I love this. I am so glad I have a sister that takes lots of pictures since I don't.