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Friday, February 26, 2010

Blog Slacker

Go ahead and call me one...I admit it. I am super swamped getting things ready for Addi's party on Saturday, not to mention trying to get ready for a consignment sale times 2 (I am doing Jackie's too) with 300 pieces each.

Oh and my friend, Taryn came over yesterday and helped me with a HUGE project that has been hanging over my head forever. The dreaded playroom!!!! OMG! I am only posting a before picture if you promise not to judge me. It is almost finished so I will wait to show you the after picture (will have to wait until post party and consignment sale) when it is completely done!
You promised!!! The rest of my house looks nothing like this....so please don't call Dr. Phil on me. It is almost spotless now. Drew is sooooo happyHere is Taryn slaving away and she did volunteer AFTER she saw the disaster. And yes, that is the floor you see there!

Add to the fact that Miss Priss had me up almost all night with a double ear infection. Yes, this is her at 1:30 am last night at the ER. She woke up with an almost 103 temp and screamed for close to an hour so we decided we better take her. Isn't that little hospital gown just the cutest? I will be calling today to set up her consultation for tubes. Sigh! Soooo....needless to say, there will be no Freebie Friday this week, sorry! I just have not had the time to blog or research this week! But I promise not to totally disappoint you (humor me).....I will have a GIGANTIC batch of pictures for you this weekend from my little sweetie's first birthday party!! I can't wait!! Hopefully, most of you will be there to help us celebrate!!!

Have a great weekend!


Susan, PCC Editor said...

Why is it that kids always have to get sick RIGHT AT their birthday??

Karen said...

Addi is just precious and getting so big... have a wonderful day tomorrow!