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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Duck Derby and a Diva!

This weekend we attended our 3rd annual Duck Derby in Cartersville. According to Drew, we can now call it a tradition (he seems to think it's just a family event until the 3rd time. Well, ok!)
Here is everyone waiting, waiting, waiting to see any sign of yellow!
Still waiting!There they are!!!We got there kinda late and then it started to rain so it was short trip but still lots of fun! That evening, Keith took D & A home and I went with Jackie and her gang to Hannah's ballet recital. It was DARLING! Can't wait til my little diva is old enough to take dance lessons! It was a kick off of The Wizard Of Oz!! Just too darn cute!
Here 's the little diva! And boy is she a diva. She was all about me taking her picture...posing and smiling up a storm!
Belinda with her girls!

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