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Monday, May 31, 2010

Putt Putt, Pig Tails and a Proposal!

Since it was raining off and on yesterday, we changed our plans and decided to take Drew to Mountasia instead of Yellow River Game Ranch. He was just as happy with that.....and I was too since I didn't have to deal with mud!
Here we are playing putt putt, Drew also rode go carts and bumper boats! It turned out to be a perfectly overcast day so it was very enjoyable and not too hot!
I decided to try piggies on Addi yesterday. I put her in my lap with Sponge Bob on and that kept her attention while I tried to do her hair. She was pretty good....and I thought they looked adorable! Later, when I really had time to stop and look at them from behind....the part was zig zagged down her head. Oh well, we will get better at it. It used to be a routine with Shannon (she was born with a bow in her hair too)....everyday I would sit her down with the brush, rubber bands, detangler and bows. She learned to live with it and I am sure Addison will too! Anyway, check out her piggies!!! Aren't they adorable???

I know you are all dying to know what "a Proposal" means! Ha!! I have a friend named Shirlene AKA Shirlene Brown Brown Samples Brown. I have known her since before Shannon started kindy so 17 years or so. We lost touch for a while but when we started attending Poplar Springs...I reconnected with her because she and her girls go there as well. She is a hoot! I could go on all day and you would still not get it. Like I have said before....you just have to live it (and some of you have!!!!). Anyway, about a year or so ago, Shirlene met and started dating a very sweet guy in our church, David. Well, yesterday David got up in front of the whole church, got down on one knee and proposed to Shirlene. It was the sweetest thing ever. Of course, I had my camera ready and started snapping pics!!! So for your viewing pleasure...here is the happy couple! I guess as of October (10-10-10) Shirlene will now be known as Shirlene Brown Brown Samples Brown Cason!

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Karen said...

I am speechless... only you would have a camera handy at church to capture Shirlene's latest engagement! Or, did you know it was coming? Congratulations, Shirlene! BTW- Addi definitely is a cutie in piggies!