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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Art of Eating Wings......

I don't eat wings myself (or any meat that is on a bone for that matter) but it looks like it is a work of art. Kinda like eating crab legs (which I LOVE, by the way). Not like sitting down to a slice of pizza or a sandwich...you have to work for them. Anyhow.....Drew LOVES, LOVES, LOVES wings. Did I say he loves them??? He would eat them for every single meal if we would let him....the hotter the better. And he puts EXTRA hot sauce on them too. He can tell you what kind of hot sauce every restaurant within a 20 mile radius serves. He just knows (kinda like I can tell you about their ice). Well, last week I finally had my camera accessible during one of these wing eating sessions and snapped a few pics. I really needed to video this for you to get the full effect....but you will probably still get the picture!

Contemplate and get your strategy down......

Dig in!

Make sure you lick those fingers...don't leave a drop of hot sauce! (And don't dare use that napkin that I insisted you hold).

Pant heavily between bites!


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