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Monday, July 26, 2010


I talked a little about Houseparty.com in an earlier post but didn't go into detail. This is a website that gives away kits for you to host parties to promote their product. They have different manufacturers all of the time and you just sign up for what interests you, fill out a little survey and if you are chosen...you will get some goodies in the mail for your party. So far I have seen: Rubbermaid, Bulle Eys BBQ (the one I did), Kleenex, Bic, Boboli, WII, Tollhouse and others. It's really kinda cool. I was chosen to host a Bulls Eye BBQ party. They really want everyone to do it on the same night, but the night that they had chosen was when we were out of town so I did mine this weekend. Keith invited some of the guys at work and their families to come. We swam, ate, talked, laughed.....oh, and got rained on. A big rain cloud materialized out of nowhere and then it came. Thunder, lightening...the works. But that was ok...we had a great time and it was nice to put faces with names!I made up little goody bags for everyone with: coupons (for free BBQ sauce), coozies, shot glasses (?) free music down loads and full bottles of BBQ sauce! Go check it out here!

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