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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Way Back When-esday!

The Eiffel Tower Dress. That is what Drew calls this ADORABLE dress that my friend, Lisa Murphy gave me at my shower for Addi (thanks sooooo much, Lisa). He has always loved this dress and when ever I let him pick out an outfit for her...he always picked this one. This is Addi in July 2009 @ 4 months.
So when it came time to pack up (and sell) lasts years summer clothes...I knew there was no way this cutie was going anywhere. So I put it away with her stuff to save. When I started re organizing her closet for this summer.....I picked it up and just hugged it...remembering how cute she looked in it. And then it came to me...why not let her wear it this year as a little bloomer set. So that's what we have been doing. Drew picked it out for her to wear the other day and I decided I needed to get some pics of her in it. Ummmm.......wrong. This girl does not stop moving and since I am still using a little point and shoot (with a delay) it is hard to get a good pic of her. The majority of the pics are an arm or a leg or part of an ear. So out of 18 pics I took the other day...these are the best 3 (and they are terrible). I still love this outfit on her....no matter how big she gets (sniff, sniff) This is Addi in July 2010 at 16 months.


Annie said...

Beautiful dress and your little princess looks amazing with it.

Stopping from Way Back When-esday

Have a great day.

rlooney said...

Cute pictures. She is such a sweet little girl.

Jess said...

Cutie Pie is growing up too fast. I am proud of you for blogging almost everyday this week, I have been enjoying it!

Hollie said...

Oh how sweet! mI couldn't part with that either. She's such a doll!

Cheryl Lage said...

What an incredibly adorable dress...and I love its history going "Way Back!" Definitely a keeper. :)

Thank you so much for playing along!

Lisa Murphy said...

Love it! She still looks great in it. Funny how Drew has such opinions about things too, hmmm!
Love ya and miss ya!