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Monday, July 19, 2010

Kid's Bunco...Number 4!

We had our 4th Annual Kid's Bunco recently. Due to vacations and other minor mishaps...we had a small crowd this year, but I think the kids loved it just the same.
Addi, Katy and one of the two Suzy's....this is actually the real one of the 2, I think! (When Drew was about 3 or so in pre-school at McEachern Methodist, Suzy and her sister, Lily went there also. Suzy and Lily are only a year apart and look a LOT alike. Suzy is Drew's age and was in his class. One day he told me "Mommy, did you know there are 2 Suzy's?" LOL)

Roll it, Russ!Even the big kids love Kid's Bunco!
Addi wanted to play too!Somebody must have gotten a BUNCO!!
Fun, fun!After the game is over, everyone gets a prize!!!
Then, comes the part that EVERYONE enjoys the most....ice cream sundaes! YUMMY!
Smile, Taylor....you know you love it!

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