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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free (personalized) Halloween Tote Bag!

Vista print is always offering free (just pay shipping) personalized items. I just ordered this one for Addi! Right now, you can get this tote bag for only the shipping cost (right at $4). When you pick the one you want...click on advanced editing and you can change and move the writing however you want to. It says the slow shipping takes 21 days but I have never had it take that long....but I would order quick to get it here for Halloween.
And lastly, at the end...they will try to sell you all different things...just keep clicking "NO"...well, unless you want it. Go here to check it out!
ETA: My bag is here already...it came in less than a week!!!


Kayle said...

Did you shop Vista Print through SwagBucks? ;)

Janell said...

lol! i tried but when i went to order this bag...it wasn't free but over $10 instead. i guess that's how they get you!!!