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Monday, October 11, 2010

Shirlene Brown Brown Samples Brown is now............

.........Shirlene Brown Brown Samples Brown Cason......or is it Carson??? Yep...my long time friend Shirlene tied the knot yesterday on 10-10-10! Cool anniversary, huh? I think she just wanted to make sure that David doesn't forget their wedding anniversary. Doesn't she look beautiful?
Shirlene and Heather...her matron of honor.
Addi...the very reluctant flower girl!! Ha!
Shirlene and her girls. L to R: Melissa (David's daughter), Shirlene, Addi, Caitlynn, Chelsi. Addi and the ring bearer, Julian!
That white flash you see in front of Julian is Addi. Keith was sitting on the front row and as soon as she saw him.....it was over. She sprinted down the aisle, dropping petals behind her.

Chelsi and Caitlynn walking their mom down the aisle.
Exchanging vows!The cake! It was GORGEOUS and oh, so yummy!

And.....I would like to introduce to you....Mr. & Mrs. David Cason! The happy couple!

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