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Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, BFF!

Happy Birthday to my BFF, Beth today! We met a hundred years ago (well, ok not really 100...but it seems that way) when I taught Pre-K at Sunbrook. We clicked immediately! They say opposites attract and it is so true in this case. Beth is THE NEATEST, TIDIEST person on earth...kid you not! I, on the other hand.....am not! So we worked great together because I would make the messes and she would go behind me and clean them up. We will get on the phone now and relive old times (we even say that "let's relive the day that.....") and we will laugh and talk for hours! I am giggling now thinking of some of the funny stories! Happy Birthday, Beth! Love ya!!! (That is Honey and Baby in the pic....AKA Beth and her husband, Jim).

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Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Beth! What a nice picture.