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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

While I was away....

Last weekend, I went away to a scrapbook retreat (will tell you about it in a sec). Keith had 2 pretty big events to take the kids to....AWANA Pinewood Derby and Daddy/Daughter Date Night at Chick Fil A! I laid out all clothes, shoes, hairbows and everything else he would need to survive without me for the weekend. I even gave him a tutorial on how to fix little girl hair! And I gave VERY strict instructions to make sure he took the camera with him when he went to both events (you see where this is going, don't you?).

Well, he did remember to take the camera to the pinewood derby. Yay Keith! But it would have been nice if he would have turned the flash on! And this is a great shot of this unknown mans.....ummmm...... legs!
Oh, and this will be a great picture to reminisce with in 20 years. The track!So that is basically the pics of the PD! Now onto the DD Date Night! He calls me from Chick Fil A as I am happily scrapping away to tell me the bad news. Yep...he forgot the %$^&# camera! Really???? But, no problem...he tells me~they are taking pictures! That makes me feel a tad bit better. That is until I actually saw the picture that they gave him. It was in a cute little frame and everything...but do you notice anything strange about the pic? Yeah, they cut the top of Keith's head off. And WHAT is up with the hairdo....lol??? Thank goodness CFA did take some pictures and posted them on Facebook. It looked absolutely adorable. Enjoy the following pictures of perfect strangers! But I will say...when I got home the house was SPOTLESS (he even mopped the floors), laundry completely done (I need to find out his trick for this), and the kids were bathed and fed. So I can't complain too much, now can I???Now how was my weekend, you ask??? OH M GEE! The place that we went to was FABULOUS!! It was just over an hour away in Jasper but it felt like we were nestled away in the Smokies! They only rent it out for women and it was perfect. I have already been thinking about which group of friends I can plan a trip with to go back. Ok, bunco girls, scrapbook buds or just random strangers...anyone wanna join me??! Check it out here!

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