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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Camera Woes

Well, I had planned to do a post about our trip to the Circus on Saturday! I ordered Drew and Addi a free circus ticket after they were born and have been waiting for the right time to use them. If you have a newborn you can go here and order a free ticket for him/her.

We got there an hour early and were able to go down on the floor and visit with the clowns and animals and I took some really cute pics! BUT.........after the show, I decided to take another pic of the kids in front of a huge banner and my camera was gone!!! We frantically searched everywhere for it and it didn't turn up. I backtracked our steps and checked customer service...all to no avail! So I have no pictures of Addi's first circus!!! I know to some...that's not a HUGE deal but those who know me...know that I am a camera/picture fanatic and I am just devastated over it.

So, I will not be updating my blog for a week or so until I decide what to do about a camera. When I return I will be sharing lots of pics of Addison's 2nd birthday which will be a "Little People" party! I have been working hard on all of the details and can't wait to share them with everyone!!

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odonnasmith said...

sorry you lost your camera that stinks!!! I hope you all enjoyed the circus