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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lions & Tigers & Bears......

.......Oh my! We took the kids to the zoo on Sunday. We originally planned to go on Saturday but since we had a typhoon, that had to be postponed. We had to go this weekend for 2 reasons...one Keith was in from out of town and two I had a free family pass to the zoo that was about to expire. (Check your local library.....a lot of them have passes that you can check out once a year to get in free). It was still a little gloomy on Sunday but we decided to chance it and I am so glad we did. We virtually had the place to ourselves. I am soooo glad I had my new camera for this trip. The quality of pictures it takes is unbelievable! I love this picture of the mama gorilla and her new baby. It was so sweet to watch her cradle him.My favorite!!! I could have watched this guy forever. He just strolled out and found some bamboo and sat down and started enjoying his lunch! It didn't fave him in the least that a small crowd of people were standing there oohing and ahhing over him.The Petting zoo. Addi was a little nervous about this at first, but soon enough she was up close and personal with the goats and sheep.I had to snap a picture of this! A Little People table! I told Keith...I would love to have one in the backyard!!!
Drew on the rock climbing wall!
Addi' first carousel ride. She loved it.It was a great day and I am so glad we finally were able to go!!!

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