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Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Girl!

 We had Addi's 3rd birthday at Miss Mamie's Cupcake Shop!  It is the cutest, daintiest little (and I do mean little) place!  She was beside herself with excitement!

Her invitations!

I found these adorable cupcake bags at Target (gotta love Target's $$ spot).  They each had their own little lunch!
 Todd made her this chocolate covered strawberry bouquet!  The girl loves strawberries!
The guests............

 Aren't the blonde sisters getting big???

Addi loves her Daddy!!

 Waiting for her big gift from Shannon!

 She loved everything!!!

Make a wish, sweet girl!
 Leaving the square!  I can't believe this little girl that we never dreamed we would have is no longer a baby but a precious 3 year old little girl!

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