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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Showering Shannon!!

Shannon had 2 bridal showers in a row recently!!  Jackie hosted this one at her house and it turned out fantastic!

 The cake came from Gabrielle's and it was DELISH!!

 The gift table before it really got loaded up!  She got tons of nice things!
 Playing one of those cheesy shower games!  Pass the bouquet!

The other shower was a couples shower and it was hosted by David's parents at their house in Kennesaw!  His dad read a cute little story about marriage that included the names of cleaning products.  VERY cute!

 The cute couple!
 Shannon bought these shoes to wear to the wedding but they were too tall for her dress so she said she was wearing them to everything else before the wedding!  They are ADORABLE!

 The favors made by David's mother and sister.  They did a great job!
 The cake was beautiful!
 Getting in a little practice before the big day!

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