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Monday, March 26, 2012

My new favorite "Hole in the Wall" restaurant!

Jackie and I happened upon this hole in the wall restaurant near the Marietta Square one day a few weeks ago.  It actually was recommended to us by someone so we thought we would give it try!  Oh my...if you like hamburgers...this is the place for you.  They use all fresh ingredients and the burgers are served on like a sourdough bread and they are YUMMY!
They are only open til 2ish Monday through Saturday and you better have some cash on hand because they don't take credit cards.  We did overhear the owner telling a new customer who didn't know about the cash rule that he could just pay next time he came in.  Wow!  
It is in an old gas station and is a teeny tiny place.  Every time we have been (3 times now) it is PACKED and there is hardly any place to sit.  Last weekend, Jackie was out of town and I wanted to take Keith and Drew and let them try it out.  I knew Greg was home alone so I called him to see if he wanted to come along. 
It was the funniest thing.  As soon as the food was served....all I heard was...."yum", "mmmmm", "man".  Ha ha...they loved it.  Drew said it was his new favorite restaurant.  He loved the part where the owner (a beautiful 50 something woman) got a napkin and wiped mustard from the corner of his mouth.
Addi loved her grilled cheese too!!
This is the owner along with her husband who also cooks the food.  She is the sweetest thing and just so welcoming!  They have actually been featured on a tv show on the Food Network.
Drew thought I should take a picture of the garage door inside the restaurant.  Too funny!
Don't come on Sunday because they will be gone "Fishin" according to their sign!
You really need to go and check this place out for yourself.  Mmmmmm, yum, man..........

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