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Monday, April 20, 2009

Pacifier Blues (Part 2)

If you didn't read part 1 to this, make sure you do so before you read this post so you get it.

We have been very careful to make sure Daisy doesn't get hold of any more pacis (the darn things are not cheap). Anyway, yesterday I heard Keith yelling at Daisy and when i looked he was picking up a paci and said that Daisy almost chewed another one. He picked it up off the chair, washed it off and put it on the counter.

Fast forward to the middle of the night. Addi usually wakes up every 3 hours (like clockwork) eats, gets changed and with her paci, she will go right back to sleep. Last night was different. She fussed and fussed all night. We took turns trying to get her to sleep. She would suck on her paci for a second and then spit it out. This happened literally hundreds of times throughout the night.

This morning, when we got up, her paci fell on the floor so I picked it up to wash it.....and I noticed something. There were teeth holes all in it. Keith didn't think Daisy had really gotten it and she must have just had time to bite it a time or two but not really chew the end off.

Poor Addi.....no wonder she spit that thing out so many times. I bought 4 new ones today....we'll see how long those last!


mmullenix said...

That Daisy James! Sadly, it probably won't be the last of Addi's treasures that she will chew up :)

At least you figured out what it was and it wasn't just Addi going thru a fussy phase.

Jodi said...

She just knew something wasn't right didn't she?

Hope you can catch up on your sleep tonight...

angism said...

Poor Addi!! She had a defective paci.