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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poor Daisy!


Last night I did something very bad. Very, very bad. Daisy is our dachshund. She is very pampered and spoiled. She is scared of her shadow and does not like to go outside. Especially when it is cold. Most especially when it is raining. (Have you figured out where this is going yet?)

Well, last night Keith and I were both up with Addi around midnight when Keith decided he wanted something sweet to eat. Being the good wife that I am ;) I offered to go downstairs and bake him some chocolate chip cookies (don't tell him they were the kind that you just plop on the pan).

When I came down, Daisy (who sleeps in her crate at night) was having a fit to get out. So while I waited on the cookies to bake....I let her outside to go potty. (I know you see where this is going now). Cookies were finished so I poured some milk, set the alarm and went upstairs. We sat in out warm cozy, DRY bed and ate the cookies and then went to sleep.

I woke up at 5ish this morning to a clap of thunder, rolled over to go back to sleep and then it hit me!!!!!!!! I had forgotten to let Daisy back in. OMG! I freaked out, threw the covers off and tore down the stairs. I ran to the door and started calling her frantically. Nothing! I started looking for my shoes to go outside when I heard a little helpless yelp come from the deck. I ran over there, threw on the light and there she was.....curled up against Lily (our black lab). Both of them...soaking wet. I opened the door and told Lily to go get in her doghouse and let Daisy in. She ran straight to her crate and before I could head back upstairs she was all curled up, sound asleep.

I felt terrible. I can't imagine what was going through her mind when I didn't let her back in.....watching me head up the stairs with a plate of freshlybaked cookies. And can you imagine what Lily thought when Daisy mosied into the backyard......"It's about time they make her sleep outside in the rain, too".
Poor Daisy!



monica said...

oh how sad, i understand. i have left gizmo outside for an hour or two and forgot about him. he would for sure panic on a stormy night. he's been getting up more during the night these days, i guess my continual trips to the potty wake him up and he has to go out... i often lay down and think "where is he" thankfully i haven't forgotten him........yetchalm

angism said...

How funny!! I guess you can blame it on lack of sleep and losing brain cells when having a newborn:)

Amy said...

HaHaHa! That's hilarious! At least you didn't leave her out ALL night!