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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pacifier Blues

Funny Story! I bought a cute little paci holder to keep in Addi's diaper bag. Well, Sunday morning before we left for church, I reached in and gave it a little shake to make sure there was a paci in there. There was! We get to church and (we haven't taken her to the nursery yet) during the service she starts getting a little fussy. I again, reach in the diaper bag and into the cute little paci holder to get her paci. All the while, Keith is holding her as she starts squirming and fussing even more. I pulled out her paci and was about to solve the squirming/fussing problem when I looked down and saw exactly what you see in the pics above. OMG! Daisy had gotten hold of another pacifier.....that made a total of 3 so far! The people sitting on both sides of us and behind us saw the whole event unfold and we were all cracking up....silently.
It's a good thing the Easter Bunny is bringing more pacies on Sunday morning!

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monica said...

Oops! I see these problems in my future ;)