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Sunday, April 26, 2009

A picnic, a birthday and some trucks!

Oh my Lord, I'm tired. That was my comment on Facebook last night after being on a 13 1/2 hour road trip yesterday. We started out at Touch A Truck at Mt. Tabor park. Drew loves this and we have gone every year since he could walk. It is basically just a huge parking lot filled with trucks, police cars, helicopters and lots of other fun things. The kids get to climb in and on the trucks, blow horns, play with gadgets, etc. It's such a great thing for Paulding County to put on.

Next, we headed toward the mountains looking for a place for a picnic. We didn't even make it out of Marietta before we stopped because we were all starving. We eneded up at Laurel park off of Whitlock. It is a beautiful park (except the yucky pond water). We ate, fed the ducks, played on the playground and then hit the road again.

Friday was my step mom's 70th birthday. My dad was planning on taking her to the Dillard House in North GA to spend the night and enjoy some yummy food. We arranged (without her knowing) for all of us to be there waiting when they got to the restaurant. She thought she would be enjoying a quiet dinner for 2, but instead enjoyed a very noisy dinner for 17. The surprise was a success and she had no idea!

Drew and Grandma Shirley!

Holley enjoying her corn on the cob!

We even encountered a celebrity. Anyone remember Moby from Kicks 101.5? Yeah, baby!

The birthday girl!

The gangs all here!

At the last minute before the hostess snapped this picture, I yelled, "Make a silly face"

It was a great day, tiring but very fun! Happy Birthday, Shirley. We love you!


Amy L said...

Great pictures Janell! Sounds like an incredibly full day!

Rosemary Palmer said...

Looks like you had a great family weekend. I was at Dillard House a couple months ago for a scrapbook retreat. Very nice place. I want to take Don back.

monica said...

I still listen to Moby some. 106.7 or something like that. Cute pics. Next year you must remind me about the truck thing, since we'll have a little boy and all :)

angism said...

Sounds like a fun day!! Wasn't the weather just beautiful:)