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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The greatest thing......

.....since sliced bread! The Bumbo seat! Where has this thing been all my life (and why didn't I think of it)? It is the absolute, hands down, best baby item I have (so far). I never dreamed that Addi would be able to use it yet, I mean 3 month olds can't sit up. I decided to just test her out....and you can see for yourself....she can sit up in it.

Now granted, the whole 5 minutes I had her in it she was looking at me with a look that said "Can't you see that my back is all bent over, my head is still too wobbly and I really want out of this thing?" LOL! Bless her heart! Does this mean I can write 3 months, 1 week for sitting up in her baby book? I just knew she was advanced!!!


Amy L said...

She is really starting to look like Mom!

Anonymous said...

I need to squeeze those cheeks!!!