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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Those 2 Blonde Sisters!

Another funny kid story. Not my kid this time though! And actually, this wasn't out of the mouths of babes, but out of the mouth of a sweet old lady.

This week is VBS for our church. Of course, I invited Jackie to bring Hannah and Holley (my nieces). Of course, she took me up on the offer. No way was she going to pass up a week of crafts, snacks, free babysitting, music and other fun things!! Those that are familiar with H & H know that they fight CONSTANTLY (I know these pics tell a completely different story), just like most sisters at that age do. Just because they were in God's house (I did remind them where they were) was no different. They fought about everything and you could tell it was wearing on the teachers that were in charge of their group. Especially by the third night of it.

My assignment for the week is the craft room and each group rotates to us at some point in the evening. We were in the middle of the chaos of switching form one age group to the next...basically, kids everywhere. There were so many pre-k kids that we were going to divide them up into 2 classrooms. We were discussing this when one of the old(er) women who was a helper and obviously had no idea that they belonged to me (they don't really belong to me but I feel like they do) said "Be sure to separate those two blonde sisters". I about died........but didn't say a word! When Jackie got there to pick them up. I, of course had to tell her and we both got a good giggle out of it.


Jackie said...

Not sure why I find this so funny but I have laughed and laughed over this. As a matter of fact, I am laughing now.

mmullenix said...

Cute pics of the "blonde sisters" :)