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Sunday, June 14, 2009

"I have two questions."

I'll explain the blog title in a minute. Let me go back a little.......last night our church had a family outing at the Rome Braves. We had never been and the tickets were cheap ($5) so we decided to go. Well, Keith ended up getting held up at work so he didn't get to go. So, Beth (Silver) and Connor rode with Drew and I (Addi stayed with Jackie).

We ended up getting there later than planned (still in time for the game to start) because I met Jackie in the parking lot of Kohl's to hand Addi off. Well, it took us 45 minutes (you read that right) to get the car seat out of my car and into hers. We would probably still be there if some nice man hadn't helped us. I would give anything to see the persons face who watches the parking lot surveillance camera for Kohl's. I know he got quite a laugh and we may even end up on America's Funniest Home Videos.
But we finally made it, ate some nasty hot dogs and settled in for the game. It was really cool because we could see the field perfectly...it was right there. Beth and I (and most of the women from church, I think) don't really know any of the real Braves players anyway so to us it was just like watching a real game.

This is where the title of this blog comes in. Now, if you don't know my son (and his many obsessions).....this probably won't mean anything to you. But those of us who are blessed with the honor of knowing Drew James....this should crack you up. It did us anyway.
After the game, a security guard told us to go outside of the gate and the players would come out of the locker room and give autographs, etc. So, Beth, the boys and I, along with my long time friend Shirlene (yes, THE Shirlene Brown Brown Samples Brown) and her crew went to check it out.

Sure enough, they started coming out. Well, this is what Drew said to EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM...."Excuse me, I have two questions. What kind of car do you drive and what kind of cell phone do you have? These players were cracking up. Here's this little 8 year old kid asking what kind of cell phone they had and he was as serious as can be...he really wanted to know. We laughed and laughed. One player even took his phone out and let Drew hold it. (Note the look of pure bliss on his face in the pic below).

They were all really sweet and cute and very patient with the kids. One of them even came out and handed out bats to random kids (we didn't score one). Even though we didn't get home until almost 1 am.....and Beth and I were both sick to our stomachs (those nasty hot dogs, I think) we had a great time.


Amy said...

Oh, that's funny! I can see him saying that right now. Every time I'm around him, he asks me about my iPhone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me snort mayo out my nose!! I love Drew and his questions, but the kicker for me was reading about Shirlene Brown Brown Samples Brown!!

angism said...

Looks like Drew had a great time! How cool to get all those autographs:)

Karen said...

Did you just run into Shirlene Brown Brown Samples Brown??? Or did she go with you? How funny!