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Friday, June 5, 2009

Time Marches On!

I just can't believe that Drew is finished with 2nd grade and will soon be a 3rd grader. This end of the year was really sad for him because a lot of his friends will be leaving PB Ritch and going to the new school.
I swear it seems like just yesterday that we were doing this.......and it's been 3 years already!!!
We are so proud of him. He made all A's again this year, exceeded on everything on the CRCT and he gets O's (outstanding) in conduct. Yes, he really does. He is an angel at school but that changes the minute he walks in the door at home. I told Mrs. Chapman that she wouldn't believe her eyes (and ears) if she saw him at home. Ha!

We reached another milestone in our house today too. (This is quite a dilemma for my Project 365 picture of the day). Miss Addison turned 3 months old today. She is all smiles these days and just yesterday, we noticed that she is trying to reach out for things!


mmullenix said...

I know 3rd grade {gulp}!

Thought of your 365 problem - could you put Addi for the 6th and it be something like if you had your wishes, she would be 3 months old today and journal about your obsession w/ 03/06/09?

angism said...

They do grow up too fast. I'll have a senior next year!!! Can't believe that little Addi is already 3 months old. I love seeing all her adorable outfits:)

Jess said...

When we came over Saturday, we were looking at the project 365 and Drew said "yeah I hate that thing because I have to take pictures almost everyday for it".