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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What have we been doing???

Wishing Daddy a Happy Father's Day!

Having fun at the James Family Reunion!

The grandkids and great grandkids! And everyone (pic below) enjoying a leisurely game of egg toss (yuck)!

We even found a long lost cousin. This is Drew's 2nd cousin Payne, who he has never met. Payne came home with us and spent the night! They kinda look alike, don't you think?
Taking Addi to her first "Twinkle Time" at the library! She loved it! I used to take Drew when he was a baby!

Going to Bible School!
Making "Human Sundaes" out of our Bible School Instructors! Mr. Nick and Ms. Rachelle, you look yummy!
Sleep Overs with friends!

Meeting new babies! Little Max was born on Tuesday, weighing 7 lb 14 oz. Congrats, Mark, Amy & Girls!
Oh, and just hanging around looking pretty!

And what have you been up to???


Laura said...

You sure have been busy! Love all the pics. Addi is adorable and Drew is as handsome as ever.

angism said...

How fun:) I hope to get a post up this week from what we've been up to.