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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5th Grade Field Trip

Wow, the field trips these days are way different then the ones we took  back in the dark ages.  I can remember going to the Cobb Civic Center to see an orchestra play or something boring like that.  And I think my mom paid like $5 for it.  Drew's field trip was $175 for him and I to both go!!!  But it was worth every penny.  It was a lot of fun and sooo organized.
They chartered buses to take us downtown which was great.  The pic above is Drew and his teacher (yes, I know she looks like one of the students).
First stop was World of Coke.

And then we went on the Hardrock Cafe where they basically had our lunch ready and waiting the minute we sat down.

 The final destination was the GA Aquarium! 
Fun times!

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