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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gone Pickin'

Well, I finally made it to pick strawberries!  Drew wanted to go but they always closed too early so Addi and I just snuck over there on dreary day!  This girl LOVES strawberries.  I mean LOVES them.  She was in all her glory when we pulled up to Harry's.

I told her not to eat them until we washed them. A few minutes later I hear her little voice say "these are washed" and she was eating away.  Oh well!

I brought them home and washed them and then put them back in the basket in the refrigerator and as soon as she discovered them in there....she was constantly going to the fridge and getting one.  I just gave up and let her eat them straight out of there.  We also had strawberries with every meal for DAYS!!!

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Maren said...

Visiting from Kellys KornerI love your daughter's strawberry picking outfit! I'm not very far from you in Newnan. Nice to "meet" you!