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Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh, Rainy Day!

I have never seen someone so excited to see it raining outside.  I scored this rain "ensemble" (Jackie's word to mock me for buying it) at Gymbo for dirt cheap a while back.  Addi loved it when I brought it home and I told her we had to wait for a rainy day!

Well, wait we did.  It just would not rain.  One day we were driving home from somewhere and 3 (yes, 3) raindrops hit the windshield and we were so excited.  I drove like a maniac to get home and when we finally got there....it was sunshiny as could be.

Finally, one glorious morning....it happened.  Rain, sweet rain!  She was so excited to get all geared up (with ladybug jammies underneath and all) and go splash in the rain.  Can't imagine what the neighbors thought (although....I think I have a pretty good idea).

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