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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Mother's Day!

OMG!  We had the absolute best day EVER!!  It was sooo much fun.  We decided to go to Stars and Strikes so that everyone could have fun!!  The whole gang came from Todd, Shannon to Jackie and her whole crew!  They had a ton of specials for MOMS so we got to do a lot.

We bowled first.  Sooo fun!

And then we ate.  We ordered a TON of appetizers and just set up like a buffet.  There was something for everyone.  And surprisingly.....it was delicious!

Then it was time for lazer tag.  I had Keith take my camera to the car at this point so I wouldn't have to keep up with it but I wish I hadn't.  It was a hoot!  Every single one of us from Addi on up went in and played.  OMG!!!  FUN!!!

After lazer tag, we made our way to the bumper cars where some of us rode those.  All moms got to ride for free (you do know Shannon and Taylor are moms, right.  They do have dogs) so the 4 of us had the bumper cars to ourselves and we had a BLAST!  We laughed and laughed!  We decided that we would make this an annual tradition and meet here every year!

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