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Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting their Addi fix!

It seems that we have had a lot of unexpected guests lately. I don't think they come to see me or Keith or (don't tell him) even Drew. I think their main reason for coming is to get their Addi fix. Actually, my friend Teresa even came right out and told me she wasn't here to see me....she just wanted to see Addi. Huh?

Sunday night Papa and Grandma just stopped by (they live an hour away) to visit. They grabbed her up and didn't put her down until they left. Addi loved it and didn't fuss at all!

Now who wants to come over and get their fix at 3 am???

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monica said...

Funny, when our latest great nephew was born last summer I walked in their house saying the same thing. My niece was saying "don't look at us, the house is a wreck, we're a wreck.." I said, "just ignore me and hand me the baby".... :) I told them we could share him and they wanted me to take the night shift, I said I'd love to have the night shift and my nephew said "don't say things you don't mean to us right now, seriously"... they were so sleep deprived... at least Cole is coming when school is over for the summer!!! :)