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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Having a Ball.............

.....being a BIG BROTHER!!

Drew received the coolest thing in the mail today. First, let me say that my friend Lisa gives the coolest gifts ever. She is always so thoughtful and never forgets an occasion. (I actually am lucky to have a lot of friends like that).

Today, I just happened to be looking out the window when the mail lady came. I watched her put the mail in the box and then I saw her reach back in her truck and pull out a big blue......ball. I was thinking "what the heck" is that? She tried to put it in the mailbox but it wouldn't fit so she got out of her truck to bring it to the door. I told Drew to run down and see what on earth she had. He came running up the stairs a minute later shouting, "It's a ball and it's for me".

Well, he was right, it was a ball and it was addressed to him. Lisa ordered it for him from a place called sendaball.com. It says, "Have a ball being a big brother". The coolest part is that the address and stamps are right on the ball. No box or anything....just a ball......in the mail!

Thanks, Lisa for making his day (and mine too).


monica said...

hey, you don't have to use the website either. i've done it a ton. i use to send 'em to all my pre-k kids on their birthday, but mailing got expensive when you do one for everybody. i've mailed 'em to friends kids a ton. the people in the post office use to know me. however; if they don't know about it, they will hesitate and try to argue with you. i have to assure them i've done it oodles of times and it's fine. just buy a 99 cent ball, write on it yourself (msg on one side and addy on other) then take to post office usually about 1.50 to mail i think. fun stuff!!

angism said...

How cool!!!!

Christie said...

I love this! I bookmarked the page. What a great gift idea!

Amy said...

That is so neat!

Anonymous said...

Caroline and I are now addicted to your blog. We love seeing Addi and Drew! Making our own family is on our summer to do list.