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Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Sister, Little Sister!

Shan loves her new baby sister. She comes by at least every other day just to see her. She is just crazy over her. She wants to take her out to a restaurant and shopping this weekend!!??!!?? I will have to think long and hard about that one. I did tell her that Addi loves to shop at Gymboree and she has really been dying to have this shirt (click on "shirt" to see). Maybe if I let her "borrow" Addi enough and she sees how much work they are.... she will not want one of her own for a loooong time! I tell her all the time "Do as I say, not as I do"!!!


Christie said...

Well it looks like she has the multi-tasking part down: Holding the baby while talking on the phone! lol
They are both adorable!

Amy said...

Ha Ha Ha! Cute post!

Amy L said...

How funny...they look adorable together Janell!