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Sunday, March 15, 2009

"What goes on first?"

That's what I heard Keith ask me as I got out of the shower this morning while getting ready for church. I had given him the assignment of dressing Addi while I was trying to get myself ready. So there he stood, looking bewildered, staring at a onesie, tights, dress, booties (aren't they just the cutest?) and a hairbow..... trying to decide where to start. He makes me laugh!

I lived for the day that she could wear this outfit. It was bought on one of my first Gymboree shopping trips after we found out we were having a girl. It is just the cutest thing ever. Did I say how much I love Gymboree???

Drew was so excited to show her off at church this morning. We were like celebrities walking in with her. Everyone was just oohing and ahhing over her the whole time. She was such an angel and slept through the whole thing. (Yep.....the same little angel who I was calling a devil in disguise at 3am this morning when she was fussing for the FOURTH time during the night.)

Oh, and to anyone reading this (you know who you are, MM) who is not a fan of big hairbows on little babies.....this bow is not near as big in real life as it looks in the picture!


The Bell Family 3 said...

She looks absolutely adorable! Glad you guys are doing well and out and about!

angism said...

How cute!! I've been waiting for some new pictures:) Aren't girls fun to buy clothes for!!

Jodi said...

I love the hairbow! She looks precious!

JenRuhlz said...

Oh sure it is not as big! ;)

She is so precious. I think from now on, you need to keep two logs, one for the funny things Drew says, and one for the funny things Keith says!

Karen said...

She is so cute! I can't even imagine the cash you're going to drop on clothes for her. BUT, there's nothing as fun as buying "baby girl" clothes. Enjoy!

Tiffany said...

She is sooo sweet!!!

monica said...

Have you seen the lady that sales the crocheted headbands on ETSY? Oh lord, love 'em!! That is so funny about him dressing her, Lord I just hope Andy decides to help!!! He is terrified of this baby business, excited mind you, but terrified!!!