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Friday, March 20, 2009

My Favorite Thing!

Ok, since Addison has taken over almost every blog post in recent days....I decided that Drew needs a little time in the spotlight as well. The other day I had a conversation with him that went like this:

Drew: Mommy, what's your favorite thing?
Me: (visions of yummy scrapbook supplies danced through my head) Hmmmm........let me think.
Drew: I know.....it's watching me play with my hot wheel cars.
Me: You're absolutely right........that is my favorite thing.

I do love the fact that he loves his cars. He can tell you the make and model of every car that is made. He loves car shows and anything on tv about cars. We have to record both episodes of "Super Cars Exposed" every Monday night and he watches them each several times throughout the week (bet you didn't even know that show existed). He has decided that his first car will be a Lamborghini. He has zillions (I'm not kidding) of Hot Wheels and every time he gets a prize...that's what he wants. He also takes a few cars with him every time we leave the house. I asked him about a new question I could add to my blog and he came up with the one at the right. He checks it almost daily.......so please vote.
The above pics are just a few snapshots of my life with hot wheels. He makes "traffic" almost daily in my living room. Heaven forbid, if you step on one or knock it out of line....... He also sorts them and categorizes them by classics/stock, trucks/suvs, sport cars.

I just cannot imagine where he gets this obsessive personality. I mean who hoards things and then sorts them on a regular basis for no apparent reason??


Anonymous said...

LOL at the last sentence! Love that the cars are all so neat!

You are just happy that he is into boy things, and not wanting to play w/ J's princesses any more ;)


angism said...

Love all the cars!! He has quite a collection:)

monica said...

That makes me laugh b/c Andy has his box of hot wheels still and.... Lord, forgive me for sharing this.. the man loves to get them out. He takes them out one by one, tells me where he got it, who bought it for him and things he did with it as a kid. And.... he's now started a collection for Cole as well! :)