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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friends and Family Weekend!!!

We had a busy weekend filled with friends and family! On Friday night, we had our Sunday School class (plus a few others) and their families over for a pool party! Everyone brought food and as usual we had quite a feast! YUM! I really can't explain the next few pictures except to say....IHOP at 2 am, home in bed at 4 am. Yes, it was quite a late night. Oh, and an "unexpected" visit at the BP in Town Lake. And I will say...that man behind the counter is potentially Shirlene's new man. Hmmm...that would make her Shirlene Brown Brown Samples Brown Cason! Quite a name, there girl!

Then, Saturday night we had an impromptu cookout at Jackie's house. She has been begging for my (well, really Michelle's) twice baked potatoes, so we decided to go over there and cook out. OMG! We had a feast! Greg cooked the best hamburgers and he made home made strawberry ice cream and later Taylor made us little strawberry shortcakes! We played Spoons and just relaxed until late into the night!
Whew! Believe it or not.....we did make it to church on Sunday.....I wasn't sure after 2 late nights! But we came home and did NOTHING the rest of the day! How was your weekend?

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