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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Picture People!

I use to go there all the time when Drew was little......haven't been in quite a while! But since I had a coupon for a free package (link below, good through the 25th), a gift card from my shower (great gift, thanks Shanna & Sandra) and some rude customer service (thanks again, Shanna for dealing with that)I decided to try them out again. I got 8 sheets for nothing! 0!! Zip! Nada! And we all know how I love free stuff.......and baby girls in frill. Needless to say...I was way excited! Here's a sampling of what I got!!! Here's the link to the coupon. There was a girl in there when I was there that just got the free package....nothing else, and they didn't bat an eye.


monica said...

You are so my hero and I forwarded the link on too. I am going next week. It'll be our first mall experience, I always wanted to be that Mommy pushing a stroller with a baby ;) Now's my chance and free pics... what is better than that?! I need to look at his clothes and props for something cute. I liked my football pics and loved your frilly girl...now gotta find another "get up/set up" so much more fun than regular ones. Maybe a beach theme......

angism said...

I love the one in yellow with her hands over her mouth. Soooo cute:)