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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Way Back When-esday!

There is more cuteness in these two pictures than I can hardly stand! This was Ben's 3rd birthday party at McDonald's in Powder Springs.....so that would make it Feb. 2004 (I think). This is Bo, Russ and Madi (and pieces of Keith, Tiffany and Jodi).
In this pic: Alli, Drew, Ben, one of the 2 Susy's and Anna! Makes we wanna cry....how grown up they all are now!


shea said...

OMGosh - Where has the time gone? Thanks for a look down memory lane. That actually was the real Suzy in the pic.

angism said...

How stinkin' cute. It is amazing how the younger siblings look so much like the older ones did at the same age!!