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Friday, August 21, 2009

My Little Sand Bucket (I scrapped)

Here is even more proof that when I go to a scrapbook weekend, I do more than socialize (Keith). I do get "some" scrapping done. I made this little sand bucket mini album with our Cancun beach pictures.

This is the cover. The handle is made from wire.

Page 2 (not sure what happened to this scan, sorry).

Page 3

Page 4
Page 5. This handle sticks up and you can see it from the front. It has real sand on it.

Page 6. Back of page 5.

The next 2 pages are acrylic. I had to put everything on there back to back because it is see through and I needed each piece to cover up what is behind it.

This is the back of the acrylic page.

Page 9.

Back cover.
I usually take little kits like this to crops so I can work and talk and don't really have to think. I have been in sort of a scrapping rut lately with pregnancy, new baby and the stress of Keith's (lack of) work. I really want to get going again. My plans for this weekend are to scraplift a cute, cute page that my friend Michelle did last weekend. I'm hoping that will get my creative juices flowing again. If I do by chance get it done, I will post both pages if she doesn't mind.


Laura said...

Love the mini album. Glad to see that you are getting into the swing of things. Sorry to hear about keith's work situation.

Amy L said...

These are awesome Janell! Would love to see your scraplift too!