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Monday, August 31, 2009

What Janell needs......

This cracks me up every time I do it. Go to Google....there's one right here on my blog to your right (or if you have joined Swagbucks, use it) and type in your name and the word "needs". You can scroll down and see things that you need.

I did my name and this is what I need:

Janell needs a plastic surgeon. (I beg your pardon)

Janell needs Will's undivided attention. (don't tell Keith)

Janell needs a babysitter at her home every other Saturday (you bet I do....but every Saturday would work even better)

Janell needs six hundred dollars and seventy five cents. (I need a lot more than that)

Here are a few more from my family:

Drew needs a date ..... because apparently the last one filed a restraining order against him. (shameful)

Todd needs a lawyer (is there something you haven't told us?)

Shannon needs to learn how to soothe her moods with something other than food. (hee hee)

Keith needs to get a real good physical. He seems to be lacking in proper blood flow to the brain.
(this just makes me giggle)

Drew needs some help with his addiction. (I told you those Hot Wheel cars were getting out of hand)

Addison needs to prioritize spending and minimize waste (does that mean no more Gymboree?)

Keith needs to write on his blog more. (he has one?)

Jackie needs a dose of real-world reality and being an Avon lady doesn't count! (I keep telling her she needs to change professions)

Taylor needs to go potty on the way to the Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers concert . (lol....she wouldn't listen and go before we left home)

Daisy needs you on Twitter. (Daisy Twitters??)

Now go Google your name and see what you need. If you want, post it in the comment section. (And Tiffany if you are reading this, shame on you for what you need).


mmullenix said...

Yeah - I'll take the plastic surgeon if you don't want him ;)

Those are fun!

Reagan said...

REAGAN NEEDS to be left on the sideline...

REAGAN NEEDS two movies, not a series....

Fun. It was tough to find anything not related to the president. One was: Reagan needs 6 Quarters of 7% GDP Growth for New Morning. What? :)

Amanda Phillips said...

"Amanda needs to pee" was the only one worth sharing......

This is a funny thing to do! I have tried "wants" and "has" as well....hilarious!

Taylor Deese said...

I HAVE MY OWN BLOG!! ITS taylordeese.blogspot.com
but i need to come up with a cute name and ect.. any ideas let me know