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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We are Family!

And there are lots of us! Wow! What a fun weekend. My cousin, Lisa and her entire family came down from Michigan for a visit. There were 11 of them in all. They all came to our house on Saturday night for a pool and pizza party! This is pretty much what the adults did!
And this is what the kids did! Everyone seemed to have a great time!
On Sunday, they wanted to go downtown. So we did! We saw World of Coke, CNN Center, & Olympic Park! It was soooo hot! Thank goodness, Keith opted to stay home with Addi so I didn't have to worry about her at all.

Then we headed to Stone Mountain (yes, this was all in the same day!). We didn't get there until around 6:00, so didn't have a lot of time but we did get to enjoy a few things!
That's Jason and Barb! Jason is 31 (I think) and remembered the laser show from when they would visit when he was little. He couldn't wait to relive the memories take his kids to see it!
Smile, Dave!

What a great evening! The weather was perfect, crowds low and family all together. What more could a person ask for??? As I type this, they are in the car headed to Destin. Hope they have a great time!


angism said...

What a busy day!!! Looks like a great day:)

mmullenix said...

I bet there was a race on for Keith - LOL!

Great pics, and I was so surprised at how many fireworks are in the laser show now.